Odds & Sods #56: The “No, I'm not making this up” Edition

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  • So McCain's campaign is being run by agents of a foreign government -- including the Saudis. No, I'm not making this up.
  • Hillary Clinton wants you to know that Karl Rove thinks she'd be the toughest candidate vs. McCain in November. No, I'm not making this up.
  • No, seriously: Karl Rove said it and Hillary believed it.
  • Apparently the White House is mad that NBC somehow edited their interview with Bush in a way that made them unhappy. NBC responded that the unedited version has been available on the MSNBC website. Bush counsel Ed Gillespie responds: "It's simply absurd for people to have to log onto the Internet and stream video to get accurate information from NBC News." Yes! And I think everyone should receive a brand new TV remote from the government too. Those old ones that you and I own have waaaaay too many buttons.
  • Pistons vs. Celtics tonight, baby! And the Red Wings playing for the Stanley Cup again! How cool is that?
  • And, lastly, I've tweaked my blog's layout to eliminate some ads. It (may or) may not reduce the ad revenues and/but will make the blog easier to read. I've also increased the number of posts on the front page. Lastly, I'll be adding a "Favorite Videos" sidebar. If you have some suggestions please post them in the comments section. Thanks!


shep Author Profile Page said:

I like the changes, Ara.

It seems I have a bigger bug about these things than I ever knew. I used to be a regular FDL reader but stopped going there almost entirely after their re-layout (ugh) - even though Tbogg joined them!

Ara Rubyan Author Profile Page said:

Thanks. Of course, I may change this yet again. Not only that, I am finding that Wordpress is more user friendly for blogging than Movable Type (what this blog uses). But I'll go with this for now.

Mark Adams Author Profile Page said:

I wasn't gonna say anything about your two-post, in-your-face-ads layout being "Teh Suck," but I'm glad you're making it more user friendly again.

How about the comment link popping up in a new little window. As it is the permalink and comment link do the same thing. The drawback of course is that probably you'll lose the ads. No biggie really though.

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