It's Concert Season

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Slow time new you say? Waiting to see if the majority party can pull off what the GOP has successfully done in the Senate a record number of times this session and get their act together long enough that Senators Feigold and Dodd's filibuster of the despicable telecom immunity granting FISA bill will work?

Waiting to see if watching your grass grow is more interesting?

Waiting to see if history will repeat itself?

Jackson Brown wrote Lives in the Balance as a protest of Ronald Reagan's complacency while Ollie North and Elliot Abrams ran an illegal war in Central America right under his nose. WaPo's Dan Froomkin does a decent job of documenting the current lawlessness of Bush administration today, which makes the Reagan shenanigans seem like amateur hour.

Froomkin's must read piece points us to a must watch video (and text) of Senator Chris Dodd's "jeremiad" against warrentless surveillance and retroactive immunity "the likes of which I'm not sure we've ever heard there before."

While it may lack the lyrical nuance of a Jackson Browne song, Dodd's speech is music to my ears.

The good (no, absolutely Great!) news is that FISA along with Telecom Immunity is dead until January -- when a new sheriff will be in town.

Okay, sure. You can't dance to Dodd. You can dance to more Jackson Browne, Drums of War.

Ever more appropriate as the war hawks in Washington and Tel Aviv outbid each other on who will start the next war, leaving the next Commander Guy a nightmare of unspeakable proportions.

With George Bush able to still say he's in charge, it's all a roll of the dice until next January. Who'da thunk that (yes!) Jackson Browne has just the right song when your in a WWIV mood. Casino Nation.


shep Author Profile Page said:

"You can't dance to Dodd."

I sent him money anyway. He's earned it.

Ara Rubyan Author Profile Page said:

I know Durbin probably has a lock on it first, but I'd like to see Chris Dodd someday become the Senate Majority Leader.

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