Time to Choose

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by shep

I don’t envy Hillary Clinton. If you assume, as I do, that she wants what’s best for the country as well as for the Democratic Party she has a tragic choice to make. She has to concede the Democratic nomination for president to Barack Obama.

The simple fact is, there is no way for Hillary to win the nomination without fracturing the Democratic Party and alienating vast numbers of young and independent voters who are ready and excited to pull the lever for a Democrat for their first time. In the process, she will dramatically weaken the Democrat’s chances to win the presidency against John McCain, which is why Republicans such as Rush Limbaugh and Charley Crist and much of the McCain-worshiping, Clinton-hating corporate media is working so hard on her behalf.

And, in the end, even if she were to defeat McCain, her governing coalition would amount to little more than half the Democratic Party, against Obama Democrats, Independents, Republicans and the mass media gasbags.

If she cares for the good of the Democratic Party and the country and the rest of the world, Hillary Clinton has only one choice to make and she has no reason to delay that choice and inflict additional damage on the likely Democratic nominee. Even though this is a relatively bloodless campaign, certainly compared to the nasty, dishonest shit we’re used to seeing from Republicans, and it’s actually (historically) quite early to settle on a nominee, for her to choose otherwise would be a tacit admission that the thing that ultimately matters most to Hillary Clinton, is her own ambition to be president.

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