Odds & Sods #45: Hannukah Edition

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  • So Bush knowingly bucked the NIE. Are you surprised? Me neither.

  • Google announces the “fastest rising U.S. search terms” and #1 on the list: iPhone. Tell the truth now -- how many of these entries had you scratching your head, e.g., club penguin?

  • Another thing about the NIE: should I care that a couple of years ago the intelligence community said Iran was going for broke on their nuke program -- and now this assessment contradicts that one?

  • Welcome back Wolfie. Are you bringing your girlfriend with you this time?

  • Is Amy Winehouse for real, or does she just have, you know, a really good press agent?

  • The words "Miss California" and "strips" have collided in the same HuffPo headline. Coincidence? We report -- you decide!

  • Lewis Black takes on this year's political outrages. Fun!

  • Just in time for Christmas: Jack Chick has the Shocking History of the Mormon Church!

  • Oh, baby! No. 1 Ohio State doesn't stand a chance against No. 2 LSU in the BCS title game. Mark -- you goin down!

  • Although it's a minor Jewish holiday really, we can say without much doubt that, without Hannukah, there would have been no Christmas.


shep Author Profile Page said:

Apparently, Bush is claiming that he only learned of the new intelligence assessment last week. So, is he a liar or a fool? The only possible answer is “yes.”

Ara Rubyan Author Profile Page said:

I missed the press conference this morning so I'll have to make a guess: he said that the NIE confirms his contention that wearethisclose to WWIII.


shep Author Profile Page said:

Well, duh. Otherwise Iran might get the knowledge to make a bomb. What a miserable asshole.

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