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Can Hillary take a punch?


“Edwards and Obama are still waltzing around [Clinton] rather than hitting on doubts about her that would really resonate with voters,” said Ross K. Baker, a professor of political science at Rutgers University.

Gosh, I don't know: Edwards has been pretty clear. He's saying she talks out of both sides of her mouth at the same time. Not an original charge, nor one that hasn't been leveled at any given candidate at any time (Edwards included).

“One absolutely devastating accusation that could resonate is that she is gullible — she bought into two false story lines, one from her husband about Monica Lewinsky and one from President Bush about Iraq,” Mr. Baker added.

Hillary gullible? Now THAT's an interesting notion. All the more so because I could see Edwards doing that. I could also see Giuliani doing it. Not sure about the others.

Something else to consider: how would the public react?

Many have said if she can't take the heat now, wait til the Republicans have at her. They have a point. Could Clinton take that punch and still remain standing? Or would she be down for the count?

My guess is that she's the toughest and most durable fighter the Dems have -- in fact it might be her one greatest redeeming characteristic. Edwards? Cheney already kicked his ass once. Obama? Not sure he can throw a punch. But Clinton -- a real street fighter. I'm not talking about that nonsense of "fighting for the people against the powerful." That's Bob Shrum talking and we can see where that got him.

I'm talking about the will to win no matter what. Wanting to win more than your opponent and doing whatever it takes to take him down. I see that in Clinton. The others -- not so much.

P.S. Another thing to consider: the bar has been placed such that, unless Hillary is taken out on a stretcher, she wiins the night.

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