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War Cost: Sticker Shock

Here it is -- we (you and I) are slated to spend $2.4 trillion (with a T) over the next 10 years on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The White House brushed off the estimate as too conditional. "It's just a ton of speculation," said White House press secretary Dana Perino. "We don't know how much the war is going to cost in the future."
Better not to think about the future. Same goes for how we got here -- that's the past and we certainly don't want to dwell on that either. All there is, is today. Live in the moment! That's the ticket.
House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., said voters were suffering from "sticker shock...America's future is being held hostage by the cost of the war," he said.
His concern would be most admirable if it wasn't totally covered in crap. Why doesn't he just say "no" to more funding? Why doesn't he, you know, lead the way to ending the war?

It reminds me of something I saw while watching the trailer for that new Robert Redford movie, Lions for Lambs. In it, Reford's character said this:

"They bank on your apathy. They plan strategies around it...The problem is not with the people who started this. The problem is with us -- who do nothing."
Don't just sit there: call your Congressman. NOW.

Call Rahm Emanuel.

Call Nancy Pelosi.

Tell them -- again, as many times as it takes -- "no." Just "no."

"The problem is with us who do nothing."


We call, we write checks, we write letters and blogs.

It's the other 299 million people the Redford character is talking about and that the politicians will react to. Again, the only thing that will get them to take action will be something very bad; worse than 9/11, worse than Iraq, worse than than a president who kidnaps, tortures and shreds their constitutional rights before their eyes. And they won't have a f*cking clue what to do when it happens.

Of course you are right.

As for the "something else," I'm reminded of where public opinion was at the beginning of the American Revolution: one-third were for it, one-third were against it, and one-third couldn't decide.

Sound familiar?

And here we are again fighting the same fight against corporations, war-makers and rulers who crave imperial power over the people. Unfortunately, this King George and his loyalists control a lot more territory this time.

The most depressing thing about history is the fact that, at least since ancient Greece, only our technology has evolved.

Ever read "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris?

Back in the day. Did you know he learned about animal and human behaviors from Niko Tinbergen who also schooled Richard Dawkins?

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