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Open Letter To Barack Obama

Geekesque calls on Sen. Obama to take the lead role in ending the occupation of Iraq:

There was a time for Congress to be the steering wheel of our Iraq policy. Now, someone needs to slam on the brakes.

That person should, by all rights, be you. You alone of any major candidate running in either party had the prescience and honesty to oppose invading Iraq. You understood the disaster that would unfold. This gives you credibility--as well as intellectual and moral authority-- that no one else on the national stage possesses.
Senator, you're either moving forward or you're moving backwards. Relative to other candidates, you're moving backwards on Iraq. How on earth is it even remotely possible that Hillary Clinton, a clinical study in opportunism when it comes to Iraq, is perceived amongst primary voters as essentially indistinguishable from you?

Do the right thing and the smart thing. For your nation, your party, and yourself. Step forward, demand the damn ball, and be prepared to accept the consequences one way or another. The voters will not punish you for speaking out against a tragical farce like our so-called Iraq debate.

Playing it safe will result in Bush winning and Hillary getting the nomination. Playing it safe is the ultimate form of living dangerously.

Sometimes you just have to step out of line.


Please don't ever quote Geek again. There are few more despicable Kossacks. He should have been banned long ago, he lost TU status sometime this spring, has more hidden comments than visible ones and is simply a turd.


Really. I had no idea.

[thinking about it]

He makes a fair point, though, doesn't he?

He talks a good game at times, but he's truly deranged.

I was done with him after this:

A big FUCK YOU to all the Edwards-supporting (0 / 0)

cockroaches in here hijacking this diary.

Y'all are feeling pretty high and mighty now that Kos has all but endorsed your boy in exchange for Edwards kissing Netroots ass.

So, go ahead and troll-rate me. I'm past giving a fuck about this place or you people.

Enjoy your nice little echo chamber here.

by Geekesque on Mon Apr 02, 2007 at 07:45:06 PM PDT

I've seen this guy time and time again stalk anyone who supports Edwards or didn't sing Obama's praises, even on diaries completely unrelated to either. He's the definition of troll.


Thanks for the heads up.

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