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Obama outraises Clinton in Q1 (in primary cash)

Obama's campaign finally released their numbers:

  • Over 100 thousand donors.
  • Over $25 million raised.
  • Over $23 million can be used for the primary season.
  • Over 50 thousand online donors.
  • Over $6.9 million raised online.
  • Over 60 thousand groups, blogs and members online.

Putting it in perspective:

Obama (D-Ill.) appears to have surpassed Clinton in several ways: He raised $6.9 million through donations over the Internet, more than the $4.2 million than Clinton (N.Y.) raised online. He reported donations from 100,000 people, double the 50,000 people who gave to Clinton.

And of Obama's overall receipts, $23.5 million is eligible for use in the primary contests. Clinton officials have declined to disclose how much of her cash is available for the primaries -- rather than designated for the general election and therefore blocked off unless she wins the nomination -- raising suspicions that she raised less for the primaries than Obama did.

Kos adds more perspective:
[T]he larger small dollar donor base of Obama means he has much more room to grow in the coming quarters. The average donation to Obama was $250, while the average donation to Hillary was $520. Remember, Q1 is the low-hanging fruit. Q2 is a better indicator of which candidates are building a movement, and which ones are merely squeezing cash from their rolodexes.
Now look: there is no statistical correlation between how much money you raise and whether or not you get the nomination. Don't believe me? Just ask President Dean. That said, I'd rather have more (not less) money than my rivals.

P.S. And how does all of this compare to everyone else?

Democrats = $78 million

  • Clinton $26
  • Obama $25
  • Edwards $14
  • Richardson $6
  • Dodd $4
  • Biden $3

Republicans = $51 million

  • Romney $23
  • Giuliani $15
  • McCain $12.5
  • Huckabee $0.5

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