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Pardon Our Dust

I've been tearing apart and re-assembling large parts of the site over the last few days. I realized that left and right sidebars were taking up too much real estate on the screen. Earlier, I put my Blogroll into a drop-down box; I did the same for the Category list and the Monthly Archives list. Next, I removed the left sidebar altogether and I'll be moving the components that were there over to the right sidebar. I've also concentrated the AdSense ads into the first post on the page -- one above the post, one inside the post and one below the post. I'm also seriously considering limiting the number of posts on the page to 10 (or less). If y'all are seeing any chaos on the screen (and I know you are), hang in there. It'll get worse.


Just kidding.


Not sure if it'll change or not, but the first post is being overwhelmed by the ads.

While your at it, may I suggest a pop-out "bra of the week" like Avedon Carol?

Sex sells Ara. Hell, we've had the most criminal, inept, lazy, polarizing, incompetant, partisan Congress in living memory, but it took a gay pedophile sex scandal to move the polls.

It's gotta beat Friday cat blogging (no offense to your feline friends.)

Sex sells Ara.

See, this is why proper punctuation is so important.


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