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Olbermann: Bush is "Solid As Iraq"

Keith Olbermann interviews Richard Wolffe, senior White House correspondent for Newsweek magazine, about Bush's press conference on Wednesday...

Wolffe: The idea that Democrats are going out there, as he put it today and he's put it before, that they are waiting for America to be attacked before they seek to protect America it's just nonsense. It sounds great but there is a core problem at the heart of this for the administration.

Wolffe: Campaigning is one thing but this isn't a matter of arm-twisting to get legislation. They're looking for national unity at a time of war. And the more they try to divide things up along partisan lines on the question of war, the harder it is to pull the country back together after the election. And White House officials at the highest level concede that well, yeah there is a problem here trying to get Democrats to support the war when they keep beating them up every election about it.


I thought it was profound and simple at the same time when I saw the interview. But it begs the question, why don't they do something about it? Why can't they lead the country instead of just the GOP?

Then I saw the segment on how that weasle Mehlman orchestrated to con-job on the evangelicals and it made sense.

If they didn't play politics all the time, they'd have been done long ago.

Finally, so many are seeing what we saw years ago (being liberals, we were the first up against the wall).

The wheels have fallen off this bus. The world is just holding it's breath for the next 831 days.

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