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Crum-believable! I was on the Colbert Report!

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OK, he showed one of my videos, and really just part of it, but still...crum-believable!

Here's the back story:

As some of you might recall, a while back I did a series of Internet political ads for various Democratic House candidates. The candidates did not commission them or anything -- I just wanted to make an effort at getting some Democrats elected. I posted the ads on YouTube and on a couple of blogs (including my own). From there, the ads got picked up by a number of other bloggers, and before I knew it, the ads had been viewed by a couple of thousand people.

A while later, Carol Gay (or, more accurately, someone on her campaign staff) saw one of these ads on YouTube and asked if I'd do one for her. Carol is running in the 4th Congressional District of New Jersey. Anyway, I made one for her, sent it off and forgot about it.

Her staff emailed me a while later and asked if they could use it on TV in the fall. Are you kidding? Of course! I filled out a form indicating that the ad was "a contribution" and I forgot about it again.

Again, some time later, they emailed me and said Colbert was going to interview Carol and Stephen had seen the ad, wanted to include it in the interview and could I please supply them with a broadcast quality version of the ad - and even CC'd someone on Colbert's staff. I don't recall what happened after that, but when I regained consciousness I thought "Wow!" I sent it off to "Nicole" at the show ...and then forgot about it again.

Well, I didn't forget ALL about it. But the fact is, I didn't hear from the show (or the campaign) again. So I figured I'd had my shot at glory and it was gone. Then, the other day, I was browsing through the Comedy Central web site and saw that Colbert had interviewed Carol Gay on October 12! Damn! I had missed it. And worse yet, he must not have used the ad because I would have heard about it, right? I clicked on the video and watched the interview, thinking that I had missed my chance, but what the heck -- maybe Carol will run the ad and she'll win. That's what I wanted to be able to say, regardless.

The inverview unfolded in the way that only Colbert can do it. Then, when I least expected it, he introduced the last ten seconds of the ad. To say I was stunned is an understatement.

Anyway, here's the entire Carol Gay interview. And here's the complete Carol Gay ad. And please visit Carol's site and make a donation to her campaign. She's great and we could use another Democrat like her in Congress.


What fun!

Cool (though I still think you got 15 minutes commin' to you).

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