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Why We Must Not Change The Geneva Convention

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC):

The Geneva Convention is just not some concept; it has saved lives. We adhere to it, and we expect others to do it.

I know al-Qaeda and Taliban will butcher our people, but this is not the only war we're going to be in, and I can give you plenty of examples of -- for downed pilots, people caught in foreign countries, who were saved from toruture and death because we insisted the Geneva Convention be applied. So that's my concern.

I want to create a CIA program that fits within our domestic laws, where people won't be charged with ill-defined crimes, they won't be frivolously sued, but we cannot and must not and need not change the Geneva Convention in a way that would be perceived as backing out of it. There's a way to get there from here.

Is this an archaic view? A naive one? A politically calculated one? Bear in mind that Graham comes from one of the most conservative states in the country and one that gives Bush very strong support. His answer to that is this:


They want us to be afraid of dying. I say this is about how we live and the legacy we leave behind when we're gone.

F*ck Geoge Bush and Dick Cheney and the neocon horses (Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer) they rode in on.

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