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Friday Cloud Blogging

Seen outside my office window. Click thumbnail for larger image.

Love that Treo 600 camera phone.


Ooo, purty.

From a phone. Amazing.

Gotta bust ya Ara. Guys, the first thing he does when we get together is whip out his phone -- allegedly to show me pictures of his kids, but we know better. He wanted to play with his toy.


I confess I tweaked the contrast and saturation a bit with Picasa.

I gotta get one of them there toys...

Get the 650 or the 700. The 600 is already a hopeless relic.

"I confess I tweaked the contrast and saturation a bit with Picasa."

I recognized the color work from FCB. You may have missed your calling.


P.S. ¿Cuál es ése "FCB?"

P.P.S. Check out the Flickr "badge" between the Google ad strip and the Tip Jar.

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