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The damn birthdays just keep on coming

Today is my birthday.

As usual, a couple of things occur to me:

  • You don't get wiser with age, but you do get more perspective.
  • The thirty-five years that separate 18 from 53 passes in a heartbeat and/but your body gets the message before your head does.
  • The older you get, the more you become like your true self.
  • Age is just mind over matter; if you don't mind, it don't matter.
I'm tempted to go on like an old fart, but because almost all the guys my own age bore the crap out of me, I'll cut it short.

I'll finish off by saying I have always looked forward to the future because every day is a miracle of wonder and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Rock on!


Happy day, Ara!

Hey, happy birthday, guy. And as I'm just a few years short of your advanced age, I deeply resent the "bore the crap out of me" comment. I mean, I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

And what you said occur to you? Yup, except that I can believe how long life is. It just keeps happening and happening, and I keep looking around every few years and going "how the hell did I get to this?"

Hee. I said "almost all the guys my own age." Glaswegians of all ages get a free pass because I just love the way you talk.

But hey, listen: as one alte cocker to another, let me ask you a question: what everyday part of you is carried forward from when you were, say, a 7 year-old boy?

For me: baseball and rock & roll.

How about you?

Happy belated birthday

Why thank you Stephanie.

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