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“The adventure that lies ahead, the journey that we can make together.”

A comedian once said that children are wonderful, "but who are we kidding? They're really here to replace us."

On Sunday evening, my son, Michael Rubyan, a high-school senior, delivered the keynote speech at his school's observance of Martin Luther King Day and I couldn't be more proud that he'll someday (God willing) be my replacement:

This evening, I would like to speak about our future -- a future of hope, a future of peace, a future of prosperity.

In this vision of the future, it doesn't matter who you are, who you know or how much money you have, but rather what you know, what you value and what you do with your life.

It’s a future where coalitions are formed between countries to achieve peace, rather than to fight wars.

It’s a future in which each of us deeply cares about one another.

In order to achieve this future, I believe we must check our politics at the door, color our map with one color instead of blue and red and work as one team, remembering that we live as one nation, in a world where we must all take care of each other.

It’s a world where we can rise above our differences of opinion, and find our similarities of cause.

It’s a world where caring for people in need supersedes all political disagreements.

It’s a world where open dialogue and endless opportunities for peace, replace closed doors and unbending policies.

Tonight we stand at a crucial point in world history. We have the responsibility to help make the future we are talking about possible. The only way to do this is to use the diverse nature of humanity as a strength that unifies us rather than a force that tears us apart.

Instead of pushing our diversity aside or pretending that it does not exist, we need to recognize that the unique characteristics we each hold play a crucial part in achieving a peaceful tomorrow.

Every person that walks the planet brings something different to the table. That means that being diverse in nature, culture, age gender, generation, religion, sexual preference and even personality is what makes our race, the human race, so powerful and beautiful.

Diversity surrounds us and is part of each of us. You know what the secret is – if all of us start thinking this way then we can share a grand future together. The only thing that stops us from getting there is ourselves. We hold the keys.

I ask all of you to join me in recognizing and appreciating the beauty and power of our diversity. Take a look around the room, around the neighborhood, around the community, around the world. Not just this evening, not just tomorrow, or this week or this month or this year.

Wherever you go, in whatever you do, find ways toward each other, rather than finding reasons to stay apart. Reach out to your neighbor, in good times and in times of need. Find ways to communicate and to share all that life has to offer.

Join me in the adventure that lies ahead, the journey that we can make together. Join the team of those who believe that our differences and our similarities are what we need in order to achieve a better world.

The journey of tomorrow lies in store for all of us. All we have to do to get there is reach out and grab it. Then, in this way, we can truly be one people, one race, the human race, sharing a future of peace and freedom forever.

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