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I admit it: I hate Aaron Burr

The uber-rage-meister of Blog-land has finally pierced the thin tissue of lies wrapped around my contention that I don't hate anyone in American politics.

I admit it. I do hate someone.

I hate Aaron Burr:

There's a reason why Burr remains such a hated figure. Just look at the reprobate's resume:
  • 1776: George Washington hates him so much that he banishes him from his staff.
  • 1800: He runs as Thomas Jefferson's vice president, but then tries to get the House of Representatives to make him president when the two of them tie the electoral vote (not even Joe Lieberman would have done that).
  • 1804: He shoots Hamilton.
  • 1807: He conspires to break off a chunk of the Louisiana Purchase and declare himself the ruler.
  • 1865: He kills Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1939: He invades Poland.
  • 1972: He breaks into Democratic Party headquarters and then covers it up.
  • 2004: He pulls aside a senator from Vermont and tells him, "Go f—- yourself."
See? This is a bad man.
So, Casey, are you satisfied?

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