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What are my core beliefs?

pluribus.gifRecently, Rosemary Esmay, erstwhile denizen of Dean's World, dared me to take one of those silly little quizzes that tests to see if you are (truly, secretly?) a Republican or a Democrat.

I took the test and came up Republican. Like, right. I am so not a Republican that I just laughed it off. When I told her the whole thing was a crock, she sent back this comment:

I think you are in DENIAL.

I've always thought most of your views seemed rather Republican. I could never figure out why you pretended to be a Democrat. :-)

I told her that I'd give her an explanation. Here it is.

Dear Rose:

In a moment of reverie last night (OK, I was drunk), I was thinking about what lay at the core of my political beliefs.

A couple of things came to mind, in no particular order:

  • I believe in the free-market system. Always have.
  • That said, I think it's usually better to take from the rich and give to the poor rather than vice-versa.
  • I also believe in "one person, one vote" rather than "one dollar, one vote."
  • Given a choice between trusting big business and trusting big government, I'll go with big government. At least there, the admission price to enter the voting booth is free.
  • If possible, I would prefer to be left alone (not the same as wanting to BE alone).
  • I believe that, other than the 10 Commandments, the difference between right and wrong is usually debatable.
  • I prefer to question authority whenever possible.
  • "E pluribus unum" is more than just the name of my blog. It's signifies the worthwhile place cultural diversity has in our American way of life.
There's more, but that'll have to do it for now.

So you decide: Does that make me a Republican? Or a Democrat? Dunno. I do know that this is a two-party system which means you've got to choose up sides or you can't take the field.

So why do I usually vote for the Democrat? Fact is, other than McCain, I never found a Republican that I liked. Not enough to give em my vote anyway.

I guess it has something to do with their dislike of cultural diversity, as well as their insistence that it's natural to allow religion and politics to share the same bed.

That, and the disappointing tendency they have to want to tally your score in life by counting up how much money you have.

Sorry, not interested.

But you never know. Hell, if the election had come up in March of 91, I probably would have voted for Bush 41. And if it had happened in May of 92, I might have voted for Perot. And, for a brief period in August of 92 I thought the Dems had their ticket backwards (think about it).

Go figure.

Yours truly,
Ara Rubyan

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