Comments: The damn birthdays just keep on coming


Happy day, Ara!

Posted by: shep [TypeKey Profile Page]

Hey, happy birthday, guy. And as I'm just a few years short of your advanced age, I deeply resent the "bore the crap out of me" comment. I mean, I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

And what you said occur to you? Yup, except that I can believe how long life is. It just keeps happening and happening, and I keep looking around every few years and going "how the hell did I get to this?"

Posted by: double-plus-ungood [TypeKey Profile Page]

Hee. I said "almost all the guys my own age." Glaswegians of all ages get a free pass because I just love the way you talk.

But hey, listen: as one alte cocker to another, let me ask you a question: what everyday part of you is carried forward from when you were, say, a 7 year-old boy?

For me: baseball and rock & roll.

How about you?

Posted by: Ara Rubyan [TypeKey Profile Page]

Happy belated birthday

Posted by: Mrs. Popping Culture [TypeKey Profile Page]

Why thank you Stephanie.

Posted by: Ara Rubyan [TypeKey Profile Page]

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