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Outstanding, I use NewsNetWire to read everything, that is until you re-did things here. I had to make a conscientious effort to switch to Firefox and come here to catch up.

Now you're back where you belong, in my face. :-)

Posted by: Mark Adams [TypeKey Profile Page]

I did have to cut and paste the feedburner feed instead of it adding automatically like an xml feed does. Safari and NNW have one-click capability which works with atom and xml but not .rdf

I think the fix is simple enough. Just add another line exactly like the one with the index.rdf and substitute index.xml

It's nice to link that to a little orange xml button too. they're everywhere.

But once again, it's nice to have you come up automatically again.

Posted by: Mark Adams [TypeKey Profile Page]

I don't use them at all. I feel it would feed the addiction, and get me no further than my random web tours. Doesn't mean I won't, I do have a bloglines account. But I just don't go there.

Posted by: templestark [TypeKey Profile Page]

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