Comments: Dear Spineless Democrats


The timing on Clinton's switcheroo is particularly bad. Even if she was laying a trap for Obama and Edwards (who both finally said they were for it) it opens her up for another round of "for it before she was against it."

The writer for the Atlanta paper had it right:

Democrats ought to make it clear that they'll enforce the borders and crack down on employers who hire illegally, a cheaper and more effective strategy for addressing the problem than building fences. After a few CEOs have done the perp walk for illegal hiring, they'll stop offering jobs to those without proper documents. And when word gets across the border that U.S. companies have stopped hiring, those laborers will stop coming.
Is that where one or more of the candidates is going...? Because, compared to everything else, that's the only stand that makes sense.

Posted by: Ara Rubyan [TypeKey Profile Page]

As usual, the indy and righty position is batsh*t crazy. And, as usual, it doesn't matter because enough Democrats will react in a craven and unprincipled fashion.

Posted by: shep [TypeKey Profile Page]

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